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Support FAQ

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the Stratotune chromatic tuner app. Please don’t hesistate to contact us at if you require further information or assistance.

Please note that Stratotune is currently unavailable due to incompatibility with the latest ios version. Hope to be back soon

Stratotune - Chromatic Tuner

Where can I get this app?

You can download it from iTunes by following this link here.

What is a chromatic tuner?

Some tuners only allow tuning a single note, or are restricted to a certain tuning, ie. the standard guitar tuning of EADGBE. A chromatic tuner allows you to tune any of the 12 notes of the scale, eg. A, A♯, B, C, C# and so on. This allows for non-standard tunings and means the tuner is adaptable to many different instruments.

What instruments can Stratotune be used with?

Stratotune is suitable be used with instruments from the brass, string and woodwind families, including acoustic, classical and electric guitar.

How does the Note Lock work?

The note lock can be turned on by moving the slide switch below the scale readout towards thesymbol. The note lock works slightly differently in tuning mode and tone generator mode. In tuning mode the note lock will hold the scale readout at the note selected and the needle will display whether the note played is high or low compared to that note. In tone generator mode the the selected tone will be moved to the nearest exact note selected on the scale.

How can I generate a reference tone?

First, enable the tone generator mode by moving the mode selector to at the far left. Then ensure the power button at the top left is on(glowing blue). Swipe or move the scale readout to the right or left to select the required note. Double-tapping to the right or left of centre will jump an entire octave higher or lower.

What does the ‘Auto Tone’ mode do?

This mode helps you use the tuner and your ear in concert to tune your instrument, without having to constantly switch back and forth between modes. To use just move the mode selector to AUTO in the centre position.

You will need to use earphones for this feature to work, as otherwise the tuner would just lock onto the output tone making tuning impossible. Use your earphones in just one ear or both, either way will work.

When a note is played Stratotune will play back the nearest note through the earphones, allowing you to use your ear to adjust the final tune to your liking. If the note lock is selected then the selected note will be played back instead.

Is there a pitch pipe?

Yes there is. See How can I generate a reference tone? above.

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